New Code NLP
In Its Purest Form  

New Code Experience is the # 1 New Code NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Training Company in the World, using the most advanced technology in human evolution to certify and prepare Catalysts, Leaders, Coaches, Mentors, Trainers and Agents of Change in every industry. 

What is New Code NLP?

New Code NLP is the fastest transformation technology on the planet, available for  Coaches, Therapists and Agents of Change that want the BEST in personal development for themselves and for those they work with. It was developed by the Co-Creator of NLP, John Grinder and his Partner, Carmen Bostic St. Clair, after they realized they could create faster and more effective change for people.

Focuses on Changing the State of the Client, Not the Behavior  

Grinder says “The problem is not the problem. The problem is the state the person is in when facing the problem.” With New Code NLP we don’t focus on the behavior, because the behavior is what we see as an outcome.

Uses a Masterful and Simple Linguistic Pattern  

In order  to reach the deep structure of the problem, Grinder and Bostic simplified the complex use of language to generate a simple linguistic pattern that easily helps any Coach or Agent of Change ask the RIGHT questions in order to get to the root of the problem.  

Engages the Unconscious Mind  

The root of the problems we face are hosted at the Unconscious Level. With New Code NLP, we DIRECTLY guide the Client to communicate with the Unconscious Mind AND get a response with absolute certainty.

Focuses on the Intention of the Situation

By finding out the “intention of the intention” of what you or the client wants to resolve, we get to the highest logical level and reach the Unconscious Mind, necessarily and productively bypassing the behavior, which can often be a distraction and a deviation from the real challenge

Importance of Personal Congruence

New Code NLP aims to generate personal congruence, so that individuals and practitioners can engage in self-application of the patterns and techniques of transformation. 

The NCXP Methodology

New Code Experience applies its uniquely created NCXP METHODOLOGY for Training, which teaches New Code NLP in its purest form as intended by its Co-Developers, Grinder and Bostic and then infuses it into the elements least taught, but most needed by Coaches and Agents of Change such as: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Coaching, Classic Code NLP and Business.  

Easy to understand guides

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A great community

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All the resources you need

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These additional Training Elements allow us to provide the most complete, All-in-One, World-Class Certification, so our graduates will have an Experience that will propel them to be #1 in their industry, by having broad expertise on themes most needed for personal and professional development on the planet today.  

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Ketty Urbai

CEO, Clear Sky Property Management  United States

"Amazing. It was authentic, unconventionaL, and you can't help yourself but step into your own truth. Shirley helped me give birth to my dreams - with an action plan! I am a new person."

Faisal Syed

Business Growth Specialist
Saudi Arabia

"Shirley's accuracy of perception is incredibly impressive. When facing tough decisions,  you need a coach who can consistently impart techniques to help your business thrive. Do not hesitate to reach out to her."

Eileen Pomales

Financial Coach and Investor 
Puerto Rico

"Fernando's training and coaching opened doors for me to have new choices and to have a different perspective in my life. As an NLP Practitioner and Financial Coach, I can vouch for his splendid, unique approach to coaching."

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