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Master the Art of High-End Human Transformation And Position Yourself as the Leading Expert in Your Industry 

New Code Experience offers the most complete certification available for Coaches, Therapists, Agents of Change and Leaders, who wish to master the art of high-end transformation and human evolution for themselves and their clients. 

NCXP Portugal 2021 is a World-Class Training, where you will receive 7 certifications for the price of one and all of them infused with the power of the most advanced human transformation technologies on the planet, so you can deliver exponential results to every client you work with. Our NCXP Certification Includes: Advanced Core Skills NLP, New Code Catalyst Experience, International Coaching, Marketing for Agents of Change, Soft Skills-  Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence.

Through hands-on experience online and in-person, you will be able to integrate all the above competencies in your personal and professional life, so you can apply these skills to every area of your life and become number one in your industry, while creating a significant impact in your life and the world around you. 

Seven (7) World-Class Certifications for the Price of One (1):

In Phases I and II, you will receive the following certifications:

Advanced Core Skills of NLP 

New Code Experience Catalyst

International Coaching 

Marketing For Agents Of Change

Soft Skills: Leadership

Soft Skills: Emotional Intelligence

Soft Skills: Social Intelligence

Consider The HUGE POTENTIAL And How You Can Be A Part Of It!


Personal Development Industry is Currently at $36B and Expected to Grow to $56B by 2027!


Soft Skills Industry is Expected to Reach $56B by 2030 and it is the #1 Priority for Talent Search!


The Coaching Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and is growing at a rate of 6.7% per year.

The Majority Of Coaches, Therapists, Agents Of Change And Leaders Are Struggling. The Problem Is...

You may often struggle with not knowing if the path you are on will really help you create life changing results for your clients...

You might be wondering if the tools you've learned so far will be enough to make you shine in an already saturated market.

You are probably frustrated having gone from guru to guru, begging for "real food", only to find yourself with the same average morsels everyone else is using and feeling like a small fish in a pond full of mediocre coaches promoting themselves like hungry piranhas.

Ultimately, you find it hard to charge and deliver transformational results, because you lack the confidence in the skills you have and the ability to utilize these skills effectively.

Time flies... confirming you are wasting away your gifts in the routine of not making the impact you are here to make in the world.

You might have wished the right innovative leaders would come along - with the perfect balance of technique and heart, to show you the way...

Most Coaching and Personal Development Programs Teach Theory, And Are Not Creating Real Leaders or Professionals Out of The Practitioners.

Aspiring and Graduated Coaches and Agents of Change Are Not Given Enough Practice; Hence, They Lack The Confidence in the Tools, Their Skills and The Results They Can Deliver.

Coaches, Agents of Change, Therapists and Leaders Doubt Whether The Results They Can Deliver Are Good Enough to Get Paid Well.

Now, You Can FINALLY Set Yourself Apart With The MOST ADVANCED Transformation Technologies On The Planet!

This NCXP International Certification
Is For You, If You Are A:


As a Coach, create FAST and ETHICAL transformations for your clients, so you can earn a living doing what you love!

Agent of Change

Learn how to increase your skills to generate INFLUENCE and impact with your clients, even in a competitive world!


Learn a complementary approach to your processes, that will skyrocket your results and your business! 


Learn effective ways to lead with confidence and impact, generating ethical results for your community!

Now YOU Can Jump On The New Wave And Learn The Best Kept Secrets Of
Human Transformation Technologies!

Covid-19 has "pushed" people over the edge, only to have millions of people in existential crises. 

With problems ranging from family dynamics, relationship issues, corporate chaos, business strategy decisions and more, EVERY INDUSTRY we know will have a need for strong, bold and confident Coaches, Therapists, Agents of Change, Leaders and Catalysts, who can bring radical transformation to the marketplace and to our society. 

This is Where YOU Come In!

You can FINALLY revolutionize the industry by joining the 'New Wave" and discovering the power behind your potential!

Our Community Loves Our Training Because
It Is So Powerful And Transformational...

Susan Blomstrom, United States

Myriam Ochart, United States

Jessie Collado, United States 

Franchesca Carrasquillo, United States

Eileen Pomales, Puerto Rico 

Online + In-Person

Phase I and Phase II

Phase I

Online Training

16 Weeks of Video Modules
and Live Trainings
Starting May 6th, 2021 

Advanced Core Skills of NLP 

We will dive in to the Advanced Core Skills of NLP, so you become a more influential Leader and Agent of Change, by improving your skills in communication and overall ability to interact with others. In this module, you'll develop the specific abilities to:

Time: 3 Hours/Week; 8 Weeks

Format: Weekly Pre-Recorded Trainings and Live Q&A Video Conferences

This module is important if you are completely new to NLP or if you have NLP experience, but want to take your core skills to a level of MASTERY.

Soft Skills for Leaders, Coaches, Therapists and Agents of Change

In this module, you'll learn the foundation you need, so you can become a Professional with world-class skills that will position you successfully in your industry. 

In this module, you'll develop specific abilities to:

Time: 3 Hrs Weekly; 8 Weeks

Format: Weekly Pre-Recorded Trainings and Live Q&A Video Conferences

This module is important because it will be the basis of your Business and Soft Skills (Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence) Certifications.

In-Person Training
Sesimbra, Portugal

9-day In-Person Event
September 20 - 28th, 2021

In-Person Training
Sesimbra, Portugal

9-day In-Person Event
September 20 - 28th, 2021

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Experience The Power And Magic Of Your Potential In An Immersion Experience That Will Expand Your World To A Place You've Never Been Before!

Soft Skills Application

The world has never been in more need of Coaches and Agents of Change who have strong leadership, emotional intelligence and social intelligence!  These specific skills will increase your ability to navigate diversity, inclusion, team work and more! 

When you learn these Soft Skills: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, you will: 

In Phases I and II,
you will receive the following certifications:

Advanced Core Skills of NLP

New Code Experience Catalyst

International Coaching

Marketing For Agents Of Change

Soft Skills: Leadership

Soft Skills: Emotional Intelligence

Soft Skills: Social Intelligence

Meet Your Trainers

With combined experience in the world of Speaking, Business and Marketing, Human Resources, Leadership, Consulting, Training, Coaching, Classic Code NLP and New Code NLP, Fernando and Shirley are committed to Educating, Training and Certifying 1M Catalysts by the year 2030. This vision recently granted them the First Prize Award, over hundreds of enterprises around the world, allocated by Genius U, the Entrepreneur Institute in Singapore and Futurist Leader Roger James Hamilton. As a result, New Code Experience is personally mentored by Roger James Hamilton and his team, so we can accomplish our vision.


Shirley smile

Shirley Solis

NCXP Trainer/Founder, New Code Experience

Shirley is a Visionary with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship. A Published Author, Speaker, Marketing and International Business Expert, certified as a Classic Code NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Practitioner by the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair (co-creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (New Code NLP co-developer). 

A pioneer in the world of parenting and homeschooling, Shirley's speaking, training and coaching career was born when she created Powerful Parenting Academy from the experiences she acquired raising her six children and homeschooling for 21 years.  A powerful and innovative leader to women as well, Shirley created Live Life The Experience, a 3 day event to empower women to reach their highest potential. 

Shirley leads New Code Experience in the area of Leadership, Marketing, Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Partner Relations. She invests countless hours to the expansion of innovative and congruent leadership on the planet.

Fernando Muñoz

NCXP Master Trainer/Founder, 
New Code Experience

Fernando has immersed himself in the world of NLP and Coaching since 1984. His journey allowed him the study of Coaching, Classic Code NLP and New Code NLP directly under John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair since 2007.

His professional career taken to high standards leads him to be one of the few worldwide to have been awarded the Elite level of Coaching Trainers, Classic Code and New Code of Neuro-Linguistic Programming by the NLP Academy and Quantum Leap (John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair, Michael Carroll), an achievement due to complete dedication and high performance, that only four trainers in the world have.

Fernando acquired vast experience in the world of Leadership, Corporate Consulting and Coaching as a Systems Engineer and later as Director of Human Resources for 17 years in Spain. He has worked with highly recognized Elite Athletes, Corporate Executives and has been certified by the best in the world in multiple modalities.

Fernando is dedicated to Team Coaching (sports and companies), Executive Coaching ... training, development and conflict resolution in companies worldwide. His passion is to train great leaders, executives, and coaches in Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America through his Certifications with New Code Experience.

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