Learn Why Most Coaches
And Agents Of Change Are Getting It All Wrong When They Focus On Behavior

3 Amazing Modules So You Can Learn How to Activate High Performance States and Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

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Module 1

State vs. Behavior

In this module, you will understand with clarity and simplicity what state is and why working at the level of state is more effective than working with the behavior.

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Module 2

Types of States

In this module, you'll learn the different types of States and why New Code NLP encourages the creation of completely "clean," no content states in order to generate optimum results. 

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Module 3

Accessing High Performance States

In this module, you'll learn how to access High Performance States using New Code NLP and how with a simple pattern you can impact your performance. 

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About Your Trainers

Shirley Solis and Fernando Muñoz

With over 14 years of combined experience learning New Code NLP directly from John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair, Fernando and Shirley are committed to educating, certifying and training Agents of Change around the world with the purest form of
New Code NLP and applying it to all areas of life.

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In This Powerful Training Program, You Will:

Learn How To Rapidly Change Your State or the State of Anyone You Work With.
Learn The Fundamental Reason Why Changing State is More Powerful Than Focusing On Behavior.
Learn the Impact of High Performance States in Your Thoughts, Emotions and Actions.
Differentiate Between Resourceful and Unresourceful States and Being in the "Zone." 

You Will Learn A Simple New Code NLP Pattern So You Can Change Your State in Seconds!
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Integrate One Simple Method to Change Your State With You And Your Clients, Easily and Effortlessly.
Understand All The Ways You Can Utilize State Change In Your Personal And Business Life.
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