Learn To Master Your Unconscious Mind

3 Powerful Modules So You Can Learn
How to Create a High Performance Team Between
Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind

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Module 1

Creating a High Performance Team

In this module, you'll learn why
New Code NLP emphasizes the importance of creating a High Performance Team between the Conscious and the
Unconscious Mind. 

($147 Value)

Module 2

Functions of Your
Unconscious Mind

In this module, you'll learn the main functions of your Unconscious Mind, how it prefers to communicate with you, and the impact it plays in your daily activities, with your emotions and in your performance and growth. 

($147 Value)

Module 3

Communicating with Your Unconscious Mind

In this module, you'll learn the specific signals your Unconscious Mind sends to alert you or get your attention and a specific way to consciously re-connect with your Unconscious Mind.

($147 Value)

About Your Trainers

With over 14 years of combined experience learning New Code NLP directly from John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair, Fernando and Shirley are committed to educating, certifying and training Agents of Change around the world with the purest form of New Code NLP and applying it to all areas of life.

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Shirley Solis

Fernando Muñoz

Master The Power Of Your Unconscious Mind 

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In This Powerful Training Program, You Will:

Learn Everything Your Unconscious Mind Does For You, So You Will Immediately Feel More Comfortable with This Part of You.
Learn The Fundamental Way to Communicate With Your Unconscious Mind, Without Fail.
Integrate All The Ways You Can Engage Your Unconscious Mind, So It Becomes Your Ally And Work "Behind The Scenes" For You and Your Clients.
Recognize with Absolute Clarity When Your Unconscious Mind is Communicating With You.
Understand All The Ways You Can Incorporate Communication With Your Unconscious Mind, So You Can Achieve Optimum Results.

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