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These skills have revolutionized the world since the 1980's!

For over 40 years, professionals in every industry have used these techniques to enhance their personal and professional life and now YOU CAN get access to these same skills with the added benefits of: 

Online Learning

As a busy professional, we understand your time is valuable. That is why you can take advantage of live lessons from the comfort of your office or home. Get the full training. Plus, watch the replays anytime!

Inductive Process

NLP is a tough cookie to learn (when taught by the wrong folks). But don't worry! With our unique NCXP Inductive Teaching Process, we ensure your learning experience is easy and effortless, so that you'll "get" it the first time!

Practical Application

Many learn NLP, but never use it, because they learned from Trainers who missed the practical application. We take NLP a step further and teach you how to APPLY the skills to your everyday personal and professional life!

or 3 EZ Payments of $259

We have redefined NLP Core Skills, so you can get the latest in NLP technology for practical application in your everyday life.

We will dive into the Advanced Core Skills of NLP, so you can become a more charismatic Leader, Professional and Agent of Change. In this course, you'll learn to improve your communication skills, self confidence, self awareness and overall ability to interact with yourself and with others at a heightened level of self-mastery.

Time Invested: 24 hours live class + hands-on application in between sessions

The NCXP Advanced Core Skills NLP Online Course Includes:

Module 1 - Transforming Your Experience

This module is the basis for your entire understanding of NLP and its practical application. From Day One, we take the complex topic of NLP and the human brain and we make it SIMPLE, so you can understand the basis of what is needed to transform your human experience.
At the end of this module, you will have understood how your brain works, how people process information, how to remove bias and increase connection in all your interactions, how to become an expert non-verbal communicator by accurately capturing non-verbal cues when communicating with others, and how to develop "eagle" type observation skills! 

Module 2 - Rediscovering People Skills

In this module, we will encourage you to forget all the complicated skills you've learned about human interaction and simplify it to JUST THREE SIMPLE skills that will be the foundation of EVERY human interaction you ever encounter. 
At the end of this module, you will have learned how to create a "harmonious dance" with every person you encounter, so even if there is conflict, you will still enjoy the much needed connection often missing in human interactions. 

Module 3 - Next Level Communication

In this module, you will learn the multiple "sub-languages" people use and how to adapt your communication to fit other people's sub-language, in order to improve overall communication and results in your personal and professional life.  
You will also learn how to use a specific skill that will heighten your ability to be present and focused at all key moments that matter.

Module 4 - Altering Perceptions

In this module, you will learn the basis for going beyond empathy to the truly remarkable experience of "stepping into another person's shoes."
You will also learn how to associate or dissociate "at will," so you can make calculated decisions at a moment's notice and how to get MULTIPLE perspectives for every event where it's needed.

Module 5 - Language Mastery: Challenging Beliefs

In this module, you will learn that although words are only 7% of how we communicate, it is incredibly important to listen to those words with intention and precision, in order to challenge beliefs and help yourself and others expand your experience of the world.
You'll also walk away with how to utilize a specific skill to recognize limiting beliefs and unresourceful points of view, so you can "turn" them around quickly and ecologically. 

Module 6 - Language Mastery: Persuasion

In this module, you will learn the difference between specific and vague language patterns and the emphasis and use of each, so you can communicate at optimum levels and with greater skill.
You'll also learn how to use specific language patterns for persuasion and effectiveness in getting your message across.

Module 7 - High Performance Tracking

In this module, you learn to define the specific ingredients that support great leaders to define, set and achieve their goals. With absolute clarity, you will "program" your mind to help you reach your outcomes.
You will also learn how to write out the uniquely created format that your unconscious mind will understand, so you can track and attain your goals, while achieving balanced high performance.

Module 8 - The Basis for a Transformational Experience

In this module, you learn the basis of creating high-end human transformations for yourself and your clients. Whether you are a Coach, Consultant, Leader, Business Owner, etc., you must create a a customer experience that leaves your clients "speechless."
You will learn how to use multi-dimensional formats to ensure that your clients easily recall the outcomes and achievements created in your experience, so they become raving fans!

NCXP Advanced Core Skills NLP
Online Course Also Includes:


We are all about over-delivering! That is why we are going to host a special session where you'll learn the fundamentals of establishing communication with your unconscious mind in order to reach high performance states for efficiency and quality of life. 


You are very important to us! That is why we always assign you an NCXP Concierge and liaison to assist you with any support questions and to make sure your experience is truly unforgettable!

This is for you if...

People often wonder if NLP is for them... Here is the good news- NLP is not just for coaches! NLP is for EVERY professional who wants to develop the highest skills in personal relations, communication and influence!

If you are serious about delivering the best results in your industry, then our NCXP Advanced Core Skills NLP Online Course is for you:


If you are a Coach, Consultant or Therapist AND YOU ARE NOT USING NLP, then we encourage you to immediately uplevel your skills, so you can deliver exponential transformation and results to your clients!

Business Owner/H.R. Director/Manager

If managing and working with people is your "thing," then you need the skills that all great leaders have! Our NCXP Advanced Core Skills Course will bridge the gap between you world and NLP application.

Sales Agent/Marketing Expert/Speaker/Influencer/Educator

Whether you are in sales, write copy, run promotional campaigns, speak in public, have social media presence or teach any kind of course, our Advanced Core Skills NLP Course will help you do each of these with greater impact and reach!

Parents/Loving Relationships

If you are looking to gain the skills to improve your relationship with your loved ones, or you are looking for the love of your life, our Advanced Core Skills NLP Course will help you gain the confidence to communicate with intention and clarity, without all the "messy" stuff usually involved in loving relationships. Give yourself and your loved ones a chance of success when you take this course.

These graduates share about their success,
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Don't take our word for it. Watch and listen below to what our previous graduates- from ALL walks of life-
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Susan Blomstrom, United States

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Meet The Trainers

You can learn NLP anywhere. Even for $1 in some places.

The truth is NLP information is free and abounds in books and on the internet. 
BUT, what makes the real difference is WHO teaches it. The "secret" sauce is in the Trainers.

It takes skill, passion and a BROAD EXPERIENCE OF APPLICATION to be an excellent NLP Trainer.
Thankfully for you, our team has all three!

Fernando Muñoz

NCXP Founder/Trainer

Fernando Muñoz has been learning NLP since 1986 and has applied himself into the studies of Classic Code NLP, New Code NLP, Coaching, Leadership and Human Development.

As Director of Human Resources for 17 years in Spain and as an Elite Coach and Trainer, Fernando developed all the skills needed to enhance human growth and development. Fernando has successfully applied high-end human transformation skills with Elite Athletes, Corporate Executives and Directors, in the Armed Forces and Professionals in all realms. 

Fernando is passionate about developing professionals in the fields of high performance, coaching and leadership and is ready to enhance your personal and professional skills through his highly admired training approaches, which are often loved by his students around the world!

Shirley Solis

NCXP Founder/ Trainer

A powerful and innovative leader, Shirley Solis is known for her "Unconventional Interventions," which are uniquely personalized transformations she hosts for her personal coaching clients.

As a Visionary and Trainer with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship, Shirley is certified as a Classic Code NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Practitioner. 

Shirley's outstanding footprint in the world is the way people feel after being around her. While living her purpose, Shirley directs her attention to loving others and teaching them with pure heart and intention, to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or concerns not addressed here, please email your NCXP Concierge, at or contact us through WhatsApp.

When will the next course start?

Our next course is scheduled to start Friday, August 27-29 9am to 5pm EST Register Now! These are full day trainings where you'll get all the core skills for classic code nlp.

What makes this course different?

Our focus is APPLICATION of the skills to your particular profession and industry, while making sure your learning process is easy and effortless. We guarantee you will love it or your money back!

Is there a money back guarantee?

We are so confident in our product that we absolutely offer a 100% money back guarantee. Our goal is to surpass your expectations and the standards of excellence of the highest professionals!

What if I miss a class?

This is an online live training and we strive to provide you with professional level skills; therefore, we encourage you to attend every class. If you have an extraordinary circumstance a replay and catch-up class is provided.

Is this a full practitioner course?

This is an Advanced Core Skills NLP Course. This online course will not give you a full Classic Code NLP Practitioner Certification. We have a specific reason for doing this! And it is that we offer a World-Class NCXP 7 in 1 Certification Process that far surpasses any individual certification process available elsewhere. Book a Call with us to find out more!

Is this course enough to elevate my professional skills?

Absolutely! And without a shadow of a doubt! For a minimum investment, you will have access to the most advanced formats of NLP technology, which have been utilized for the last 40 years by the most successful professionals! Imagine! You will now discover what they knew and you will also be able to apply it successfully!

What is my next step after I complete this?

If you love learning... If you are committed to excellence... and if you want to continue the transformation, then your natural and logical next step is to join our World-Class NCXP 7 in 1 Certification Process that far surpasses any individual certification process available elsewhere. Book a Call with us to find out more!

Do I get a certification?

Yes! Upon completion of your NCXP Advanced Core Skills NLP Course, you will receive a certificate of completion, awarded by New Code Experience and signed by Elite Trainer, Fernando Muñoz and Trainer, Shirley Solis. This certificate and the skills learned may be added to your list of professional certifications.


Get the advanced skills all successful professionals use for only $697!

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or 3 EZ Payments of $259

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