Your Unconscious Mind Operates 97% of Your Behaviors, Reactions and Results.

Your unconscious mind hosts your beliefs, your motivation to take action, your habits and behaviors are created and your internal resources are activated inside of you, so you can live the life you've always dreamed of.  

The problem is that unfortunately the unconscious mind has been a taboo for a long time and although many gurus, coaches and authors mention the unconscious mind, nobody has taken the time to teach people like you how to use this powerful tool, which literally manages all your resources and which exists to support you. 

 It is time to connect with yourself, get rid of your limiting beliefs and align with your unconscious mind, so it can work for you to make the positive changes you wish to accomplish, achieve your goals and activate your internal resources, eliminating resistance, frustration, and the chains which are holding you back.  

What other methodologies try to do, but often fail, can now be accomplished using your unconscious mind. Here is everything you will be able to do:

Reprogram limiting beliefs

Get rid of negative emotions 

Replace destructive behaviors

Overcome fears, phobias or traumas

Unleash your potential and feel your self confidence sky rocket!

You can actually connect with your unconscious mind directly, in order to create fast changes in your life, making your life more powerful, making better decisions, strengthening your self confidence and level of certainty to feel like you never have before. 

Experience the Power of the Unconscious Mind with Experience New Code CONNECT

In Experience New Code CONNECT, you will have access to the most powerful tool inside of you, so that you can create your internal HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM that will always be there for you!

When you join us at Experience New Code CONNECT, you will have the ability to connect with your unconscious mind to reach your most outrageous goals tendrás la habilidad de conectar con tu mente inconsciente para alcanzar tus metas más audaces, eliminar el conflicto interno, la duda, la parálisis y el miedo, convirtiéndote en una persona que mejorara en confianza propia, auto-descubrimiento, conexión consigo mismo y que podrá activar recursos internos para aprender, sanar, gestionar, decidir, y liderar de manera poderosa y segura.

Time Required: 3 Hour Live Virtual Class

Next LIVE Workshop

Monday, January 23rd, 2023
PM - 4:00 PM Miami EST

Course Outline

Phase 1 - Functions of Your Unconscious Mind

In this phase of the workshop, you will learn the functions of your unconscious mind, so that you can understand what your unconscious mind is operating and managing inside of you. For instance, you will learn the reason why there are memories you can't recall. 
In addition, you will learn why you need a high performance team inside of you and how you can create internal and external congruence when you communicate with your unconscious mind. 

Phase 2 - Communicate with Your Unconscious Mind 

In this phase, you will learn the "language" of your unconscious mind and how you should speak to it so it understands you and responds to you when you need it. For instance, you will learn the reason behind most goals phrased incorrectly and what to do instead. 
In addition, you will learn the many ways your unconscious mind is trying to get your attention in order to communicate with you.  You'll be able to create clear "Yes/No" signals so you can communicate in a clear and concise way with your unconscious mind. 

Phase 3 - Installing Your First "Filter" or Program

In this phase, you will have the opportunity to install your first Filter or Program. A Filter is a group of resources that your unconscious mind activates with the intention of enhancing a behavior or result, that you would otherwise not be able to change. For instance, if you wish to do public speaking, you might need self confidence, ease of words, knowledge of the content. That is when you would create a filter with those resources and easily activate them inside of you!
You will also learn the reason why a Filter or Program works faster than ANY OTHER tool that you try to use and how YOU can use it in any area of your life. 

BONUS - Intervention and LIVE Demonstration

In this phase, our Head Trainer, Fernando Muñoz will choose a person from the audience to do a demonstration. He can choose someone who experiences fear of public speaking, lacking confidence in order to demonstrate how your unconscious mind can quickly solve any challenge you face. 
Through this demonstration you will be able to observe the speed and the power of this tool and how you can use it in your everyday life. 

BONUS - Basic New Code NLP Course

In this course, which includes 4 modules, you will have the opportunity to learn about the most advanced personal development methodology, New Code NLP. Learning this methodology will definitely set you apart as a Coach, Leader, Consultant or Therapist, so you can excel as a leader and create the results you and your clients deserve.

Special Offer $197 

Our Workshop CONNECT Includes:


You are very important to us. That is why we make sure you have a dynamic, inductive and transformational experience during this live virtual workshop, which you attend in person online.  

Therefore, you are able to ask questions and eliminate any doubt you have regarding your unconscious mind, its functions, and the exercises we do in class.  

It is a one of a kind experience, that is why we don't just tell you about it, we invite you to experience it. 


This is a self-application workshop, which includes 3 hours full of training and experience with your unconscious mind. That is why we offer you the opportunity to receive- at no additional cost- a Certificate of Attendance 

This Certification confirms your attendance; however, it is not for professional use or practice with clients or others. 

Start your training process with us now and experience the most unique experience ever!

Virtual Learning

We understand your time is valuable. That is why you can take advantage of live lessons from the comfort of your office or home. Get the full training. Plus, watch the replays anytime!

Inductive Process

With our unique NCXP Inductive Teaching Process, we ensure your learning experience is easy and effortless, so that you'll "get" it the first time!

Practical Application

We take you beyond the theory and the average learning process in order to help you DIVE IN with skills you will utilize in your everyday life. 

Your Peace of Mind Comes First!

We are so confident you will love this experience that we are willing to offer you an experience which is backed up by our unconditional guarantee. 

We are so confident we are offering you the most exclusive training of its kind, in the most simple format, and of the highest quality and value, that we remove any risk on your part. 

If after attending, you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your investment, no questions asked. 

This is for you, if...

If you are committed to your personal development and you wish to have the most innovative techniques available today, then CONNECT is for you:


f you are a Coach, Consultant or Therapist and you want to use the most innovative techniques available to deliver exponential transformation and results to your clients!

Business owner/HR Directors/Managers

If managing and working with people is your "thing," then you need the skills that all great leaders have! Our course will expand your world towards greater leadership, creativity, assertiveness and more!


Whether you are in sales, write copy, run promotional campaigns, speak in public, have social media presence or teach any kind of course, CONNECT will help you do each of these with greater impact and reach!

Personal Development Fan

If you are the type of person who is constantly looking to become better and you love to learn, then get on the wave of the most powerful tool to create change, your unconscious mind. 

Our Students Share Their Success!

Watch all these powerful testimonies regarding CONNECT

Laura E., Participant CONNECT

Franchesca C., Participant CONNECT

Susan H., Participant CONNECT

Meet Our Trainers

Fernando Muñoz

NCXP Co-Founder/Trainer

Fernando Muñoz has been learning NLP since 1986 and has applied himself into the studies of Classic Code NLP, New Code NLP, Coaching, Leadership and Human Development.

As Director of Human Resources for 17 years in Spain and as an Elite Coach and Trainer, Fernando developed all the skills needed to enhance human growth and development. Fernando has successfully applied high-end human transformation skills with Elite Athletes, Corporate Executives and Directors, in the Armed Forces and Professionals in all realms.

Fernando is passionate about developing professionals in the fields of high performance, coaching and leadership and is ready to enhance your personal and professional skills through his highly admired training approaches, which are often loved by his students around the world!

Shirley Solis

NCXP Co-Founder/Trainer

A powerful and innovative leader, Shirley Solis is known for her "Unconventional Interventions," which are uniquely personalized transformations she hosts for her personal coaching clients.

As a Visionary and Trainer with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship, Shirley is certified as a Classic Code NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Practitioner.

Shirley's outstanding footprint in the world is the way people feel after being around her. While living her purpose, Shirley directs her attention to loving others and teaching them with pure heart and intention, to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact your NCXP Concierge, Jessie Ortiz - or for a more immediate response please contact us through WhatsApp.

When is your next workshop?

We choose our dates based on demand. The best thing is to register now and if you are not able to attend, we will automatically invite you to the next session. Register now! Invest 3 hours live and you'll experience the power of your unconscious mind. 

Where do I use this?

What you learn in CONNECT can be applied in any area of your life. From enhancing your learning, healing your body, elevating your self confidence, activating your creativity, eliminating anxiety, fear and more!

Is there a guarantee?

We are so confident of our product that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, all risk, if there was any, is on us. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and elevate the standards of professional excellence. We hope you'll join us! 

What if I miss it?

This is a live training and we hope you'll set the time aside to join us live. However, we understand there could be unexpected situations that come up. That is why we'll record the training and email you with the link for the replay. In addition, you will be automatically registered for the next live training. 

What's my next step after this course?

if you love to learn... and you want to ensure your transformation, then your next step is participating in our International Online Certification RISE PRO, which far exceeds any certification available online. When you attend CONNECT, we will share more about this powerful training. 

Will I receive a diploma?

When you complete this workshop, you will receive a certificate of attendance. If you wish to expand your learning and you wish to use this and many other tools in a professional level then we recommend you join our International Certification NCXP PRO where you receive 7 certifications in one process. 


Experience the Power of Your Unconscious Mind!

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Special Offer $197 




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